ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated applications solution that enables organizations to systematize plans and transactions, take better decisions, reduce costs, and improve their operations performance through automation and integration of their business processes, enabling the processes integral and efficient operation.
Out of Oracle's ERP business applications suite, we focus on: E-Business Suite (EBS), JD Edwards (JDE), Fusion (Cloud), and PeopleSoft.
Our services include:
Design, configuration, and integration of business processes to the software requirements and characteristics
SSC (Shared Service Center) configuration
Legacy applications integration to the system
System extensions and modifications development
Functional and Non-Functional testing execution
Technologic platform and applications management
Business Intelligence implementation solutions

Version Upgrades

Oracle's EBS, JDE, and PeopleSoft applications are in a continuous improvement process, resulting in the need of upgrading the running versions. These upgrades enable organizations to leverage new features and technical improvements of the product, thus enriching its management system.

Application Support

We help our clients with support schemes, both technical and functional.

Modernization Service

We partner with Dell in Mexico and all Latin America for Application Modernization Projects. We provide Dell certified resources for managing and execution of diagnostic projects and legacy applications rearchitecture.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a technology which aims to reduce manual participation at software applications usage by automating repetitive well defined administrative tasks and only leave for human intervention tasks which require cognitive analysis or interpretation. We manage and execute processes automation projects using RPA in Mexico.

RFP, RFI, or Bidding Documents Development

We support document elaboration and perform time, costs, and resources estimation that would be used at each initiative.

Business cases and Project feasibility analysis

Analysis of initiatives or projects proposals in the company to determine their feasibility in terms of time, human resources, and costs.
Control and development of operation maturity studies and IT related practices evaluation.

Design of future processes for ERP implementation

Occasionally, ERP implementations require processes improvements in order for them to reach their integration, standardization, flexibility, and efficiency. Furthermore, it is required to increase the veracity and opportunity of the information generated so analysis capabilities and decision making are improved in the organization.

Projects PMOs

Our services are specially designed to provide our customers with a focus on management and leadership for the control and balance of resources in project portfolio management. Facilitating communication and decision making. Thus, contributing to achieve business objectives on time, costs, and quality.

IT Strategy

We support the company in successfully establishing a technology strategy. Also, to translate business needs into system requirements, at the time of tools or internal developments evaluations.


HR strategy

We help our clients to align their HR strategy with their business strategy and strategic objectives. Turning HR from a costs reduction focused function into a function that adds value to the execution of the business strategy.

Organizational Change

Nowadays, organizations must adapt themselves to multiple technological, regulatory, and market shifts, just to name a few. We help our clients to address their willingness to change, as well as to develop interventions that accelerate transformation adoption by diminishing change resistance.

Talent Management

HR can add value to the business by attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining the talent needed by the organization to implement its strategy. We help our clients to develop a differentiated talent strategy according to its different segments’ characteristics.

HR Efficiency

Nowadays, HR has the double challenge to add value by impacting the business strategy. We help our clients to improve HR efficiency through processes improvement, technology, and HR service delivery models design that optimize the structure with Shared Services Centers, Expertise Centers, and Business Partners.